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Resin Bound Surfaces In The Know…

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Resin bound surfaces are a mixture of aggregate stone and resin. The stone is a mixture of coloured aggregate to preference and then mixed thoroughly in a forced action with resin just before application to provide a perfect smooth and seamless finish. This process of mixing creates gaps in between the aggregate and creates a permeable surface which is compliant to SUD standards.

Best Surfaces to Install On Resin bound surfaces bond well over existing hard surfaces such as tarmac, concrete or asphalt. These surfaces are ideal for resin as it’s already a solid which increases the lifespan of the surface it is covering, but these are also the best surfaces to achieve longevity making this a much cheaper option. Surfaces to Avoid Only solid surfaces mentioned above should be used. Resin bound surfaces should not be applied on top of sand or MOT surfaces due to the moisture that can make its way through causing problems, including clouding of the resin and ultimately having to remove and replace your resin surface. Block paving or flagged areas are not suitable for a resin bound system because of the cracks between the paving and even a slightly unstable base surface would ultimately lead to cracks in the resin. Luxury Outdoor Spaces recommends applying a permeable layer before laying the resin or installing appropriate falls and drainage when laying over concrete, otherwise you may end up with puddles or ponds on your surfaces.

Resin Bound Surface

Benefits Resin bound surfaces are permeable due to the way the solution is mixed. Permeable means water can pass through to the surface beneath. This is very beneficial for car parks and driveways as it decreases the chances of accidents and flooding plus many other benefits when installed correctly. Very low maintenance and easy to clean, resin compound binds to the surface it is overlaid onto, so there is little chance of weeds growing too. If it’s being applied to driveways, resin compounds are available which are resistant to oil & fuel giving you extra peace of mind. Be sure to confirm with your supplier that your resin has been tested and is 100% UV stable. This is very important as your resin surface can turn yellow or even brown due to the sunlight. This will also affect places where vehicles or plant pots etc have been stood for long periods.

Luxury Outdoor Spaces recommends using Vuba for your resin bound DIY kits; a 5 star trusted British manufacturer. If you prefer someone to install this for you then contact us by clicking here. As an approved Vuba installer, we can give you a quick, free, no obligation quote.

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