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Aluminium Cladding
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Aluminium Cladding

You're in the right place if you want cladding that will last 25+ years!... NOW WITH FINANCE

Aluminium Benefits

Aluminium boards can be designed and powder coated in many different styles to give you the traditional cladding look or a modern look.

Aluminium cladding has the following qualities:

  • Immune to fire, rust, rot & insects

  • No splinters

  • Panels will never warp

  • No cracking or splits

  • Resistant against extreme cold & heat

  • Award winning coated finishes (World highest standards)

Unique hidden fastener system creates a clean, sleek finish. The interlocking system makes the cladding a smart choice when water penetration is a concern. In the event repairs are needed, the unique top-down interlocking board system installation makes bottom-up repairs fast and simple. In addition, the cladding requires next to no maintenance.

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Aluminium Cladding Shades

Aluminium Cladding Colours
Aluminium Cladding Colours

Aluminium Cladding Powder Coat Colours

Aluminium Cladding Colours
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