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Landscaped garden
Luxury Outdoor Spaces Shield

We Design, Supply & Install
To Create Your Dream Outdoor Space


Transforming outdoor spaces into natural havens. Discover our expert luxury landscaping services for lush, vibrant landscapes that elevate your surroundings.

5 Star Reviewed Service

Finance Available

Domestic and Commercial Fitting Teams

Fully Insured Work With Unrivalled Warranties 

Luxury Landscaped Garden



  • Low maintenance

  • Added property value

  • Durable

  • Custom designs

  • Quick installation

  • Choice of materials

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  • Low maintenance options

  • Added property value

  • Custom designs

  • Weather resistance

  • Choice of materials

  • Beautiful aesthetics

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Resin Bound Surfaces

  • Low maintenance

  • Permeable and durable

  • Custom designs

  • Slip resistance

  • Fast installation

  • Beautiful aesthetics


Artificial Grass

  • Low maintenance

  • Year-round greenery

  • Durable and longevity

  • Versatile

  • Pet friendly option

  • Huge range of options

Artificial Grass

Luxury Outdoor Spaces
Design, supply and installers for an array of landscaping services 

Welcome to Luxury Outdoor Spaces, where we redefine outdoor living with exquisite landscaping services. From luxurious driveways to graceful paving, durable resin bound surfaces, and lush artificial grass, our expertise transforms outdoor spaces into captivating havens.

Our team merges innovation with craftsmanship, ensuring each project reflects sophistication and durability. We prioritise your vision, curating landscapes that seamlessly blend luxury and functionality.

Experience the epitome of outdoor luxury with us - where driveways, paving, resin bound surfaces, and artificial grass converge to create timeless allure. Indulge in the opulence of nature, reimagined by Luxury Outdoor Spaces.

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