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Composite Decking
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Millboard Embered Decking

We Design, Supply & Install
To Create Your Dream Outdoor Space

Millboard Decking

We're the UK's leading supplier and fitter of Millboard decking

Millboard decking boards are the worlds finest realistic hand-moulded composite boards

Millboard composite decking and cladding are a combination of beautiful natural timber grain with their very our blend of composite that provides unparalleled performance to real wood or competitors products providing you with a long-lasting beautiful look with little to no maintenance.

Millboard Deck Board

Millboard have created the best wood-look composite decking and composite cladding. Hand-moulded from the most exquisite oak, it imitates natural timber grain but has been engineered to be more durable and lower maintenance than timber.

Millboard have made this possible by creating their own polymer resin construction which forms the decking and cladding.  They way construction method means Millboard composite does not rot and weather like natural wood but also offers high slip resistance even when wet and the screw fixings are virtually hidden under the Lastane surface. Additionally all the boards are made from recycled material.

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Millboard Composite Deck Range

Millboard Enhanced Grain Range

Millboard Enhanced Grain decking perfectly replicates the natural beauty of prime oak deck boards through a process of fabricating moulds from the finest oak decking boards.

Millboard enhanced grain antique oak

Antique Oak

Millboard enhanced grain jarrah


Millboard enhanced grain burnt cedar

Burnt Cedar

Millboard enhanced grain limed oak

Limed Oak

Millboard enhanced grain brushed basalt

Brushed Basalt

Millboard enhanced grain golden oak

Golden Oak

Millboard enhanced grain smoked oak

Smoked Oak

Millboard enhanced grain coppered oak

Coppered Oak

Millboard Weathered Oak Range

Millboard Weather Oak decking boards are created using the process of replicating natural weathered oak deck boards from moulds to capture the timeless beauty which will last a lifetime.

Millboard weathered oak driftwood


Millboard weathered oak embered


Millboard weathered oak vintage


Millboard Lasta-Grip Range

Millboard Lasta-Grip is the ultimate slip-resistant decking designed with integrated grip strips over anti-slip decking base.

Millboard lasta-grip coppered oak

Coppered oak

Millboard lasta-grip golden oak

Golden Oak

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