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Timber Cladding

Timber cladding is the best way to give your property the traditional look, also the most environmentally friendly cladding!... NOW WITH FINANCE

Timber Benefits

Timber boards can be oiled, stained or painted in many different finishes to give you a traditional or more modern cladding style.  All cladding has the following qualities:

  • Can be treated to increase fire rating

  • Can be treated to last longer

  • Naturally insulating

  • Filters out noise

Wood or timber is a very versatile material, cheap to buy and install, adds natural insulation & hides scratches well.  Keep in mind if it's not painted it will naturally age & change colour from weathering.

548 Timber Cladding Types

Western Red Cedar Cladding
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Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant to decay and insect attack. It simply seasons if left uncoated to an attractive silver grey appearance over a period of approximately eighteen months in areas with low air pollution. Cedar offers superior acoustic qualities too, helping to reduce noise or confine it to specific areas. It is also an excellent material for thermal insulation – in summer keeping the building cool and in winter preventing the heat from escaping.

Siberian Larch Cladding
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Radiata Pine Cladding
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Redwood Cladding
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Siberian Larch is sourced from Russia it's a hard, dense timber, colour of heartwood can change from yellowish - brown to pink – brown.

Radiata Pine offers an alternative solution to Cedar; it is produced from the finest quality Radiata Pine sourced from Chile, which is virtually clear of knots. It comes with PEFC certification and a fully independent audited energy and carbon trail which gives the product carbon neutral.

Redwood sourced from Finland is a fantastic wood for applications such as cladding, saunas & decking.

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