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Refresh Your Lawn or Replace with Artificial Grass?

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Due to the recent crisis we're all bound to our homes; for some of us this means we can go into our garden to enjoy the outdoors, so why not turn it into a luxury outdoor space?

We've had some incredible weather and the summer has only just begun! Restaurants, pubs and cafes etc are shut but don't worry, Luxury Outdoor Spaces has got you covered. We have the knowledge and experience to design, supply and install your new outdoor space; whether it’s artificial grass, composite decking or a complete garden renovation, through Luxury Outdoor Spaces you can achieve your dream space easily and stress free.

Luxury Outdoor Spaces have a dedicated team of designers, who understand how stressful it can be to re-design your garden. Our team are here to assist you to bring your dream garden to life. From imagination to installation, we will be working with you every step of the way.

Brighten up your garden with a green lawn!

Renovating your garden can be expensive, by following these cheap and easy steps, you can keep your lawn looking beautiful. A well-maintained lawn is the perfect way to make any garden instantly look appealing.

  1. Weed and feed your grass to allow it to grow thicker, greener and to help fight off weeds.

  2. If you have bare patches you cannot stand the sight of, try breaking up the soil and raking the area preparing it to sow seeds. Simply spread the seeds across your freshly raked soil and then rake over again, then pat down and water lightly.

  3. Don’t worry about your lawn turning brown when it’s been dry, it’s trying to conserve water in its roots. Try to prepare for a dry spell by keeping the grass longer than usual and be sure to remove weeds, which will take vital water your grass will need.

Grass care

TIP - Aim to keep your grass at around 4cm until Summer, where you should be keeping it around 2.5cm. Grass grows 2-5cm per week in the UK, depending on grass type and weather, we recommend mowing the lawn every 1-2 weeks to maintain a healthy, luxurious looking lawn.

Could Artificial Grass Be The Answer?

More and more people are choosing artificial grass to refresh the look of their lawn. This is because of the many benefits that artificial grass has compared to natural grass.

As we all know, the UK has very unpredictable weather conditions which can leave lawns looking gloomy. This has encouraged more and more home owners to look for a robust alternative. Artificial grass has come a long way since it was invented in 1965; perfect for families, pets and parties. It brings shaded gardens or hard to grow areas to life. Alongside decking, paving, or even indoor spaces, artificial grass will always look rich & vibrant.

Put the mower up for sale, set aside the fertiliser and say goodbye to back breaking weeding, it is time to enjoy the benefits artificial grass has to offer.

If you’re looking into creating a new and unique style for your garden, get in touch with Luxury Outdoor Spaces today for a free quote including a full design, supply and installation of your new outdoor space.

If you’re looking to take on a DIY project, then click here now to access Deck Direct for everything you need.

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