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To Create Your Dream Outdoor Space

Outdoor Living Products

Transform Your Outdoor Space into a Haven: Discover Exceptional Living Products at Luxury Outdoor Spaces! Elevate Comfort, Style, and Functionality.

5 Star Reviewed Service

Finance Available

Domestic and Commercial Fitting Teams

Fully Insured Work With Unrivalled Warranties 

London_Marylebone_BromicTungsten Electric.jpg


  • Extend outdoor season

  • Versatile options

  • Localised heat

  • Convenience

  • Stylish

  • Comfort

Commercial - Australia - Brisbane - Kedron Wavell (1).jpg


  • Extend living space

  • Shelter from elements

  • Versatile options

  • Enhanced aesthetics

  • Increased property value

  • Year round enjoyment

  • Multi-functional

Garden Veranda


Outdoor Lights

  • Enhanced safety

  • Security

  • Ambiance

  • Highlight landscape

  • Property value

Up and down lights


  • Elements control

  • Enhance landscape

  • Versatile function

  • Define a space

  • Increased property value

Big Pergola



  • Natural light

  • Extended living space

  • Open roof option

  • Connect with the outdoors

  • Multi-functional


Luxury Outdoor Spaces
Design, supply and installers for an array of outdoor living products

Welcome to Luxury Outdoor Spaces, where we reimagine outdoor living with an array of premium products that redefine elegance and functionality. From exquisite outdoor heaters, verandas, outdoor lighting, pergolas and sunrooms, our curated collection elevates your outdoor experience to unparalleled heights.

Our team seamlessly merges innovation with design, ensuring each product reflects sophistication, durability, and impeccable craftsmanship. We prioritise your desires, offering an array of products that blend seamlessly with your outdoor vision.

Experience the pinnacle of outdoor luxury with us – where outdoor heaters, verandas, outdoor lights, pergolas and sunrooms converge to create an ambiance of timeless allure. Immerse yourself in the opulence of al fresco living, reimagined by Luxury Outdoor Spaces.

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