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Modern Studio & Garden Rooms for 2022

As we started spending more time at home the past few years, the need for extra space, whether for play, hobbies, work, or study, became inescapable. Modern quirky covered terraces or traditional vintage garden rooms will not only give you the space you need but also enhance the outdoor space's visual appeal and explore the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces. Let alone the countless practical perks they will provide.

Luxury Outdoor Spaces help you get the space you need & add value to your property in a record time. We can build beautiful garden rooms, outdoor offices, studios, and pavilions or we simply turn your ideal garden-building fantasy into a reality in just two weeks (or less).

Luxe Garden Room

Luxe Garden Room

( As shown above the picture above)

This contemporary & luxurious outdoor garden room is pretty perfect to contemplate upon the transformation of your garden throughout the seasons. The glass doors give a panoramic view while filtering the sunlight in summer & keeping the room naturally lit a year round. The glass is also well protected from the rain by the shady pitched & fully treated timber roof that slips the rain behind the room.

Ceiling-mounted lamps on the outside of the room give off a soft, soothing light which makes the room perfect for a cosy evening time. Also, if you have enough space around the room, you can try adding a table and a couple of chairs or any other weatherproof garden furniture.

Signature Studio Garden Room

Five-Star Modular Signature Studio

It's no secret that productivity is born out of focus and determination. Both of which could be lost when working from home! This explains why a lot of our happy customers had us work closely with them in an outdoor working studio recently.

One of our favourites is this luxurious signature studio (Shown above) The minimalist design and décor reduce distractions & improves concentration’s duration, though that doesn't mean is lacks in thermal performance, they're built to house extension standards; thermally proficient & weatherproof. The glass doors are high quality & soundproof, which maintains a perfect working environment. Still, we added ceiling windows (lights) to flood the room with as much natural light as possible.

Signature Pavilion Garden Room

Signature Pavilion (not the typical garden room)

Sometimes people are just fed up with typical and normal stuff, and that’s why pavilions exist! A pavilion like the Studio is built to house extension standards, but with a pitched roof it gives the illusion of more space but also better ventilation making this a relaxing space you'll want to use & enjoy.

We have this setup as a office, but it can be used whatever your heart desires whether it is an art studio, gym or a hair salon, you'll feel safe, warm & have floods of light coming in.

In a nutshell

Using modular panels, doors windows & a roof we basically can bring any idea into reality in a blink of an eye! Click here to contact us for a quote and let us create a garden room of your dreams!

If you're a dab hand in joinery these garden rooms are available to buy as a modular kit from Luxury Eco-Room, Click here to contact Luxury Eco-Room direct.

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